shreddin’, shenanigans & sh’whiskey.

Hi, my name is Nicole DeCesare… and I’m a bluegrass junkie.

“Hi, Nicole…” 

I also have an almost unhealthy obsession with Phish. The keyword here is almost. I’m a functioning member of society; I vote, pay my taxes, and hold down an actual job. But I also like to spend most of my money traveling across the country to watch four weird old dudes play never-ending songs I’ve heard 100’s of times on stage. One of them likes to wear a MuMu (basically a dress) and sometimes plays the vacuum as an instrument. Yeah, they’re pretty rad.

Alright, let’s skip to the introduction: I’m a mountain dwelling, board shredding, powder thrashing, adventure seeking, beer drinking, music loving free spirit… living the dream in Breckenridge. I write blogs for Best of Breck, but I also write for personal reasons and to document parts of my life (that I might otherwise forget about because of, well, whiskey). I enjoy writing about music, experiences, shenanigans, existential crisis’ I have every once in a while… you know, that sort of thing.

Sometimes it might seem like my head is in the clouds, but that’s only because I have big dreams…

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